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Trends in marketing

Remote working and privacy strong trends in marketing

Changes created by people working from home and privacy when third-party cookies are vanishing are among trends in marketing in a forecast for 2021 published by Google.

”To future-proof your performance measurement in a world without third-party cookies, you should have durable tagging and analytics in place, respect users’ choices by collecting the right consents and storing them safely, and invest in first-party data. By building a strong and robust infrastructure you’ll be able to measure more with less data,” predicts Paul Coffey, Google EMEA Director Platforms, Partnerships and Privacy.

“There will be a continued emphasis on innovative, privacy-first measurement, with marketers relying on sophisticated techniques like conversion modeling to quantify how successful their digital campaigns are”.

Jannika Bock, Central Europe Director Client Solutions, is stressing changes crated by remote working during the pandemic. “Being successful in 2021 means tapping into the online video trend to reach and engage the consumer where they are.”

”It is predicted that in 2022, more than 80% of consumer internet traffic will be driven by online video. And this trend is expected to accelerate due to the rise in digital adoption during the pandemic.”

”Overall watchtime of online video has increased, with YouTube on TV growing by 80% year-on-year (YoY) in March 2020. This shift opens up opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in new ways. Some brands have already done this. Swiss shoe brand On created a live event on YouTube for a new sneaker launch, when their Wimbledon campaign fell through due to the pandemic.”



Eli Lassman, UK Head of Direct Marketing and Ads Marketing, notes that 30% of consumers believe shopping experiences will never go back  to the way they were before the pandemic. ”This makes it increasingly important for retailers to capture this new growth opportunity on apps.”

”The big media consumption story in 2020 was time spent on mobile. Globally we spent over 1.6  trillion hours on our phones in the first half of the year. And in the third quarter, apps usage surged by 25% YoY, with 189 billion hours each month spent on apps. The same research highlights that categories expected to particularly benefit from this rise in app popularity include food delivery, games, online learning, entertainment, and shopping.”

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