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What is the alternative to third-party cookies

The discussion continues about how to target advertising when third-party cookies soon will be scrapped with the argument it will improve privacy on the web. Verizon Media has launched an alternative to Google’s suggested FLoC, called Next-Gen Solutions.

The Next-Gen taps into content and other real-time data signals, to feed machine learning algorithms that allow advertisers to connect with their most relevant users via audience characteristics. The idea is no need for cookies, mobile app IDs, browser storage or creating user-level profiles. The solution works across browsers.

Google’s FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) also says it will not store individual data but create user categories with similar interests that advertisers can use to target ads.

Search engine DuckDuckGo has already announced plans to block Google’s alternative method to third-party cookies.

Verizon said their alternative is “built for the identity-less era, this suite of solutions delivers relevant ad experiences while strengthening consumer trust.”

Advertisers will be able to access Next-Gen Audiences and Next-Gen Buying in Q2. Next-Gen Measurement will be available by Q4 2021.

”As the ad ecosystem moves away from browser cookies and app advertising IDs, and legislation and privacy preferences shift, advertisers and publishers need solutions that help reach consumers in relevant and meaningful ways in the absence of IDs,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media.

“The future of Identity lies in striking the right balance of providing a meaningful consumer experience and delivering growth for advertisers and publishers, while also preserving consumer trust.”

“As the industry continues to shift, the divide is now sharper between those that have first-party data and those that do not, creating new challenges and opportunities to sustain and accelerate business growth,” added Markman.

“For advertisers who want to future-proof their businesses in an identity-constrained future, innovative solutions for non-addressable inventory are a necessity, not a choice. This is why we’re launching Next-Gen Solutions, helping advertisers achieve targeted scale, delivering relevant consumer experiences, and enabling better publisher monetization in the identity-less world.”

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