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Both women and men stressing importance of diversity in gaming

Out of the total online population, 72% of women play video games and half of women players are also payers. Women and men who play games consider diversity in games important, with 65% of men and 62% of women agreeing, video game data company Newzoo reports in a blog post. 

“This highlights how crucial it is for game developers to create a wider array of characters and narratives that appeal to more players. More than likely, the more your players see themselves in a game’s characters and story, the more they’ll play the game and spend money on it”, the report says.

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“While there is still more to accomplish on this front, more women and non-binary characters and narratives have made it into video games, mirroring improvements in diversity and representation across the industry.”

The Newzoo post says that more games are featuring women in leading roles and on top of these titles, there has been an increasing trend in sports games to better represent female athletes. 

“Games from the NBA 2K, NHL, and EA Sports FC franchises have introduced female leagues and clubs, with more cover art featuring female players. Sports Interactive also confirmed that women’s football/soccer will be added to Football Manager 2025.”

“As of last year, only 18% of female-identifying players play sports titles, whereas it’s the fourth most played genre among male gamers. The share of women playing sports titles rises a bit when you look at playing behaviours on certain or several devices, but including more women athletes in sports games may help increase this share.”

Nearly half (44%) of female players play only on mobile platforms compared to 27% for male players.

Fewer women identify as gamers but are more likely to identify as casual gamers. 36% of women players consider themselves gamers, while it’s more than 50% for male players. 

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