Diversity and Inclusion: Create your own Unconscious Bias training

Free resources from the biggest international companies
Diversity and Inclusion: Create your own Unconscious Bias training

All international companies have invested in the Diversity and Inclusion narratives, they are producing internal trainings and putting a strong emphasis into hiring diverse talent, educating their managers how to lead in an inclusive way and how to create a culture that boosts the company’s prospects and creates a positive business environment.

One can argue that, yes, these companies do so, but only because they can afford to. True? No! They do it because they know they have to benefit from it.

And you can do it also! Moonshot News has curated for you the best trainings, from the biggest companies, but also free educational platforms, so that you do not have to look any further.

One of the first steps towards unbiasing is education. External research shows that awareness of unconscious bias can lead to reversals in biased outcomes, and understanding of the unconscious biases that underlie beliefs may be necessary for changing attitudes.

If you are a manager that wants to learn more, if you work at a company that does not provide one or, last but not least, if you would like to create one for your company but cannot afford the resources for a custom-made one: here is everything you need.


  1. Internal Microsoft Unconscious Bias training

Microsoft is offering publicly their own internal Unconscious bias training.

The resource is available in the same way as for MS employees, including sessions and questions along the way that you have to get correctly in order to proceed.

With this course, you’ll deepen your understanding of unconscious biases, how they influence behavior, and how they impact us all. You’ll also learn numerous actions you can take to help counter bias in your own work environment.

The course is available in 7 different languages and you can even download the transcript so that you can process the content as you wish.


  1. Facebook Managing Unconscious Bias

Managing Unconscious Bias public resources is a part of the company’s internal training program and it is more like a series of video resources, that you can watch and maybe embed in a presentation.

It includes a wide illustration of different types of biases, like for instance against maternal biases, performance attribution biases etc…


  1. Google’s Unconscious Bias Guide

In 2013, Google began educating employees and leaders en masse – creating Unconscious Bias @ Work and other tools – to start a conversation about unbiasing. This helped ensure that employees had a common understanding and language to talk about unconscious bias, and the platform to do so.

The guide includes a free tool for you to create your own Unbiasing Workshop, as well as information about the policy followed by Google.


4. Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion at Work TeachOut

In this 6 hours free course, offered in Coursera by the University of Virginia, you will:

  • Be able to have difficult conversations about race and inequity at work
  • Analyze how social class shapes thoughts and actions
  • Create psychologically safe contexts that encourage dialogue at work
  • Lead change in issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion at work


  1. Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders

If you are yourself a people’s manager, or looking for trainings for more senior members of your team, these two free Edx courses are a very good place to start. The courses are offered by Catalyst, a nonprofit organization with a mission to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion.



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