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Twitter diversity report

Twitter commits to 25% diversity in leadership by 2025

In its diversity report for 2020, Twitter Inc. commits to increasing the number of women and minorities in leadership roles and pledges that at least half of its global workforce will be women by 2025, as part of its broader effort to promote diversity within its ranks.

The social media company is taking the 25×25 pledge, an initiative by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group that challenges San Francisco Bay area companies to raise the number of underrepresented groups in leadership roles to at least 25% by 2025.

According to Twitter’s 2020 inclusion and diversity report, only 13% of the company’s current leadership is Black, Latino, Indigenous or multiracial, while women currently constitute 38.2% of the company’s global leadership.

Dalana Brand, Twitter’s vice president of people experience and head of inclusion and diversity, said: “We are proud to join the 25×25 pledge, which expands on our bold vision for workforce representation and commitment to inclusion and diversity.”

“Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation, and we’re committed to making sure our company reflects the diversity of people who use the service,” said Brand.


Regarding its total workforce, Twitter notes in its latest diversity report that it has recorded gains over the past 3 years.

  • Women employees have increased by almost 13% making up 42.7% of its global workforce.
  • The number of Black employees in the US has more than doubled over the past 3 years to 7% of workforce and 7% of leadership (director level and above).
  • Latinx employees make up 5.5% of US workforce, an increase of 49%.

Twitter inclusion and diversity report


Twitter’s 2020 inclusion and diversity report also includes the results of its annual pay equity study. The company found that women earned 100% of what equivalent men on its work force took home, and employees who identified as underrepresented minorities earned 100% of what equivalent white employees were paid.

Dalana Brand said in a series of tweets last month that:

  • Women earn 100% of equivalent male co-workers at Twitter globally.
  • In the U.S., women and underrepresented minorities (including Asian, Black and Latinx) earn at least 100% of the equivalent earned by male and/or white employees, respectively.
  • Black and Latinx women earn at least 100% of the equivalent taken home by white or male employees.

Brand wrote, “I’ve devoted the majority of my professional career to compensation. So, I love to see conversations about pay transparency on Twitter, because it’s always top of mind for me … Pay represents more than compensation, and we’re committed as ever to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace for everyone at Twitter. This work continues.”


The company pledges to break down barriers for emerging talent and help build pathways to a successful career in tech. In 2020 it hosted over a dozen virtual events to support emerging talent around the world. Programs like #YouBelongInTech, #EarlyBird, #DevelopHer, #TechProud, and #FirstFlightFall helped Twitter connect with university students from diverse communities in the US, EMEA, and India. 

Also, its Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program provided a yearlong, on-the-job opportunity for the next generation of leaders from nontraditional backgrounds, while Twitter Academy offered a 12-week paid summer internship designed for historically underrepresented, second-year computer science students.


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