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Gaming an important tool for marketing.

Why gaming is important in marketing

79% of the total online population engages with video games. Nearly 50% of gamers play on more than one platform. 57% of players spend money on video games. Games and gaming platforms are becoming a significant element of the marketing mix for publishers, developers, and companies outside the gaming industry, gaming data firm Newzoo says in its Global Gamer Study 2023.. 

Consultancy PwC in a recent forecast said that the gaming sector remains a key driver of entertainment and media industry growth with global gaming revenues to hit USD 312 billion by 2027.

“Consumers increasingly engage with games across many dimensions, including playing, viewing, creating content, and socializing, especially as new business models and technologies pop up. Publishers, developers, and companies outside the industry are seeing these trends and directing 

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“Out of the total online population, over half viewed game content in the past 12 months.”

Viewing video game content is notably popular among younger players. Gen Alpha and Gen Z are more likely to play video games and view gaming content than older generations. Among both generations, 72% have viewed video game content in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, only 13% of Baby Boomers have done so. 

“On top of that, over a quarter of the total online population watched esports in the past 12 months. Adding esports to a title may help generate more revenue, boost engagement, and expand the game’s fandom.”

Newzoo says that understanding how people view gaming content can help boost retention and franchise attachment for publishers and developers and provide more creative marketing channels for brands across every sector.

48% of gamers played on at least two platforms in the past six months. The survey says that gamers who play on all three platforms tend to spend considerable time and capital on games. In the past six months, 85% of tri-platform players spent money on video-game-related purchases, compared to 41% of single-platform players.

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“The potential engagement and revenue opportunities that tri-platform players present can embolden developers and publishers to invest further in cross-platform and cross-progression strategies.”

“Zooming in on in-game spending, top motivations to spend include special offers, extra or exclusive playable content, and customization.” 

“Moving forward, developers and publishers will have to strike a balance between creating engaging and worthwhile reasons to spend in-game and mitigating potential disruptions to the gaming experience.”

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