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What’s needed for successful use of GenAI


By 2026, over 80% of organizations will have used generative artificial intelligence, up from less than 5% in 2023, but only 16% will do it successfully. This prediction comes at

European chiefs of police joining forces against encryption


Secure online communication is essential for individuals and companies but the encryption to secure that is controversial. European police chiefs and Europol are now joining forces against the encryption urging

Government agencies’ use of AI for decision making


After the focus of development of artificial intelligence, the time has come for its implementation. More than 70% of government agencies will by 2026 use AI to enhance human administrative

Financial firms uniquely exposed to cyber crime


“The financial sector is uniquely exposed to cyber risk. Financial firms—given the large amounts of sensitive data and transactions they handle—are often targeted by criminals seeking to steal money or
Historic low PC sales

Worldwide PC market recovering after two bad years


It’s another sign of economic recovery. After two years of decline, the worldwide traditional PC market returned to growth during the first quarter of 2024. Total shipment was 59.8 million

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