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Useful courses for journalists by Reuters Institute

Reuters Institute announces its global journalism seminars featuring journalists from all over the world.The speakers will share insights on themes such as digital safety, visual journalism, news innovation, digital culture and journalism under pressure in Ukraine and Hong Kong. You can find the registration links to each seminar below. All events take place on Wednesdays at 13:00 UK time. 

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  • ‍ 20 April. On journalism digital safety. Philip Di Salvo researches investigative reporting and the relationship between journalism and hacking. Now a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, Philip will discuss how to keep journalists and their sources safe. | Sign up now
  •  27 April. On an innovative news product. Malcolm Moore from the FT will join us on the one-month anniversary of the launch of the FT Edit app to discuss how this innovative product is performing. Malcolm has reported on tech for the FT and has worked from Rome, Shanghai and Beijing. | Sign up now
  • 4 May. On the Philippines’ election. Regine Miren Cabato, a reporter from the Washington Post’s Manila bureau, will joins us five days before the Philippines’ general election to discuss candidates, journalism and key policy issues. | Sign up now
  •  11 May. On journalism in Ukraine. Jakub Parusinski joined a group of 30 journalists who resigned from the Kyiv Post in 2021 to launch the Kyiv Independent. As Russia invaded Ukraine, Jakub oversaw the launch of a membership model that will ensure the outlet’s survival and launched a second campaign to help Ukrainian news media. | Sign up now
  • 18 May. On innovation in visual journalism. Award-winning innovator Jazmín Acuña, co-founder and director of Paraguayan news site El Surtidor, will speak about her outlet’s celebrated use of visual journalism and about some of its most successful stories. | Sign up now
  •  25 May. On digital culture in India. Shadma Shaikh, a freelance writer for the Factor Daily who’s been described as the Taylor Lorenz of India, reports on the intersection between technology and young people. At this seminar, she will talk about digital culture and platform politics in India. | Sign up now
  • 1 June. On the making of a podcast blockbuster. Journalism student Hamza Syed was thrust into the media spotlight by the launch of his debut podcast, The Trojan Horse Affair, which he produced for the New York Times alongside Brian Reed. Hamza will discuss the response to his series and the vexed topic of journalistic impartiality. | Sign up now
  • ️ 8 June. On reporting on the women the pandemic left behind. South African journalist Ryan Lenora Brown will join us to talk about her investigation into garment factories in Lesotho, including the Levi’s jeans factory. The story is the first in a series by the Associated Press looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of African women. | Sign up now
  • 15 June. On press freedom in Hong Kong. Ronson Chan, head of the Hong Kong Journalists Association and editor of Stand News, was detained in December 2021. His home and his office were also raided by authorities before the closure of his newspaper. Ronson will join us to discuss the future of press freedom in Hong Kong. | Sign up now 

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