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IT and Media news week 23.

The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 23

What can you say about abortion on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram? Does the social media giant’s policy collide with an open debate about abortion after the US Supreme Court’s  ruling that de facto removed access to abortion from being a constitutional right? Meta’s Oversight Board has announced it will investigate three cases where posts about abortion were removed as they were estimated to violate Meta’s policy on violence and incitement.

Unesco is developing policy guidelines and frameworks for using generative AI in education. The plan is to launch the policy in September. The organisation says generative AI can “create data and content based on existing algorithms but can also make alarming factual mistakes”. Less than 10% of schools and universities follow formal guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like the chatbot software ChatGPT, according to Unesco.

Marketers estimate generative AI will save them over five hours of work per week – the equivalent of over a month per year. However, 39% say they don’t know how to safely use generative AI. according to a survey of more than 1 000 marketers made by customer management firm Salesforce in partnership with YouGov. 51% of marketers are currently using generative AI. An additional 22% plan to use it very soon, totalling nearly three-quarters of marketers. 

After years of steady double digit percentage growth for podcasting, listenership in general has started to slow, according to recent report from traffic search firm Insider Intelligence. But new data shows strong podcast listening growth among Gen Z. A survey shows 47% of Americans ages 13 to 24 have listened to podcasts within the last month, an increase of 57% to  five years ago. Another survey shows 15% of US adults listen to religion-focused podcasts. 

European software market’s five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for 2022–2027 is expected to be 12% but three main areas are predicted to grow substantially faster. Artificial intelligence platforms have an expected CAGR of 41% reflecting a 16x increase from 2018 to 2027. This is followed by integration and orchestration middleware with a CAGR of 24% and software quality and life cycle tools with a CAGR of 20%, market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts.


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