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IT and Media news week 37

The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 37

The European Media Freedom Act now proposed by the EU Commission aims to protect media pluralism and independence. The regulation includes safeguards against political interference in editorial decisions and against surveillance. The proposal stresses a focus on the independence and stable funding of public service media as well as on transparency of media ownership and of the allocation of state advertising. 

Google lost a case about the largest fine ever imposed by a competition authority in Europe. The European General Court largely confirmed the European Commission’s decision to fine Google for unlawful restrictions on manufacturers of Android devices and mobile networks to consolidate the dominant position of its search engine. However, the court lowered the fine slightly from Euro 4.3 billion to Euro 4.125 billion.

Only ten days after a Moscow court revoked Novaya Gazeta’s print license, the Russian Supreme Court also revoked the independent news outlet’s online license. The Committee to Protect Journalists’ says this shows Russian authorities are seeking to erase nearly 30 years of independent reporting and “are robbing the outlet of the right to exist”. 

Twitter is where media publishers collectively have the largest audiences, followed by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, according to an Axios analysis of 82 major news, entertainment and sports publishers. Despite the buzz around TikTok, it is the last of six social media in the survey with LinkedIn as number five.

Mandatory cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements are included in a Cyber Resilience Act proposed by the European Commission saying the first ever EU-wide legislation of its kind aims to protect consumers and businesses from products with inadequate security features. With ransomware attacks hitting an organisation every 11 seconds around the globe and one of the main avenues for successful attacks – is more important than ever, the commission said.




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