The Week That Was: the top 5 IT and Media news of week 23

The Week That Was: the top 5 IT and Media news of week 23

Welcome to Moonshot News’ curated summary of the 5 IT and Media news to remember from the week that passed!


Universal charging and waste limiting: By autumn 2024, USB Type-C will become the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets and cameras in the EU following an agreement between the European Parliament and the Council. Especially Apple has argued against the proposal as the company prefers its own type of chargers but the company is reported to have started testing the new EU standard on its devices.


Quotas for boards of directors across E.U.: After ten years, the European Parliament and the Council have agreed on a directive about women on company boards. 40% of non-executive director posts in companies in the EU should go to the “under-represented sex”, which normally means “women”, according to an agreement between the Parliament and the Council.


Where are the eyeballs? More video less social: Advertising spending on online video will this year overtake social media, the fastest-growing channel for the previous nine years. Total global advertising expenditure will grow 8.0% this year, down from earlier forecasted 9.1%. adfirm Zenith says in a report.


To buy or not to buy? The Twitter saga: The conflict between Twitter and Musk is the estimation of how many of Twitter’s users could be fake accounts or bots. Twitter has said no more than 5%. Musk has indicated he thinks it could be much higher, has demanded more information and warned that he might cancel his USD 44 billion to buy Twitter saying the company is “thwarting” his requests for more information about the company’s user base.


International News Media Association’s (INMA) Global Media Awards: INMA’s announcement includes 60 winners across 20 categories ”aimed at surfacing innovation and best practices on news brands, optimising the use of media platforms, subscriptions, advertising, data and insights, product, and newsroom.”  The global Best in Show award went to The Miami Herald for its journalistic investigation of the Champlain Towers South collapse and its multimedia presentation which involved witness testimonials. The presentation is headlined House of Cards.


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