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Virtual museum tour – try Vermeer’s pearl earrings

A weekend with weather than doesn’t inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors can often be saved by visiting an interesting exhibition, something educational or just looking at something beautiful at an art gallery. Perhaps a coffee at the museum’s chick coffee shop or buying a funny gift for yourself at the gallery’s gift shop.

But that was before the pandemic and right now we have to wait until we all are vaccinated and the virus is under control.

Moonshot has therefore prepared a virtual tour to some of the best online exhibitions where you can learn, look and even participate in the art. The coffee you shall have to make for yourself but most of the museums/galleries also have their gift shops open online. Chose between the following experiences:

British museum

Collection | British Museum

The British museum offers two million years of history and culture.

It is right now closed but you can continue to enjoy the British Museum at home. Explore the collection and tour the galleries via Google Street View. Plus get the inside story from Museum experts and guests through our online eventsblogpodcastsYouTube channel and social media.


Virtual Tour (

Now when the the NASA rover Perseverance just has safely landed on Mars, you would perhaps be curious to know more about constructions, planning and space crafts to explore the universe by visiting the Nasa museum. Join a virtual walk through the centre.

The Vatican museum including the Sistine Chapel

Virtual tour “Sistine Chapel” (

The Vatican Museum’s online catalogue presents the essential information about the art collection. The buildings, spaces and decorations can be enjoyed via several virtual tors.

And don’t miss the visit to the Sistine Chapel, built 1473-81 and where Michelangelo 1508 -12 made what is most probably the world’s most famous frescos.

National History Museum of Women

Online Exhibits | National Women’s History Museum

The museum is US based and offers various historical backgrounds to women’s rights in politics, culture and science. The fight for black women´s rights is also included in the virtual visit to the museum.

And don´t miss the portrait of US Vice President Kamala Harris! It is symbolically made in cracking glass as Kamala Harris broke the Glass Ceiling when she became the first women to be Vice President of the USA. As the museum says, it honors Vice President Kamala Harris “changing the narrative of our nation. And for all the changes to come as more glass ceilings are broken.”

A Grand Tour

Google Arts & Culture

And why not a real grand tour through art, literature and nature. Google has in cooperation with a number of museums and art galleries  has created such a grand tour.

The compilation offers you to visit a number of literary locations and you can download an app and copy yourself into the history of arts. What would you look like borrowing the famous earrings from Vermeer´s fragile painting of the girl with pearl earrings? Check it out! They could be better on you than they were on Moonshot!

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