About Moonshot

Diversity and Inclusion beyond the buzzwords: Moonshot
  • puts in the spotlight the female IT & Media professionals in Europe: their perspective, achievements and challenges
  • highlights and investigates issues through the equal opportunities lenses
  • promotes the work, awards, announcements and activities of women’s associations, events and speakers
  • prepares all the latest essential headlines about the IT and Media industries developments & trends that people need to read before going to the office;
  • offers a safe, regulated space, where people can anonymously share a problem, a concern, a funny moment and know they will be heard and addressed by similarly minded colleagues.
Listening and not only talking: Moonshot will work on building a trustful, solid relationship with our readers; we know that you are the ones that will help us keep the ear on the ground and stay relevant and we hope that you would like to know us better too. If you want to: Moonshot.news is published by Actionplans Media AB, Stockholm, Sweden. CEO and Editor-in-Chief is Dimitra Letsa ([email protected])