Using AI for ad fraud.

AI used for sophisticated advertising fraud

22% ($84 billion) of all online ad spend is lost due to ad fraud in 2023 and it is projected to reach over $170 billion in 5 years, a report from US analyst firm Juniper Research’s shows. Fraudsters capitalize on the use of AI by using algorithms to create bots and malware that can mimic […]

A global index for innovation.

East Asia is world’s centre for science and tech innovation index shows

The world’s five biggest science and technology (S&T) clusters are now located in East Asia, with China emerging as the country with the greatest number of clusters. Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, the US and the UK are the world’s most innovative economies in 2023, according to WIPO’s Global Innovation Index (GII). China – the only middle-income […]

IT and Media news week 39.
In Focus

The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 39

Paying for online news is levelling off with many referring to the cost of living when they cancel. Half of non-subscribers say nothing could persuade them to subscribe to online news, a survey from Reuters Institute shows. The survey is based on data from 20 countries and qualitative research from the UK, US, and Germany. […]

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AI tools creating copyright free content

One of the world’s biggest picture agencies, Getty Images, is launching a generative AI tool for users to create copyright free pictures. The tool is trained only on the agency’s photos with the agency saying “contributors will be compensated for any inclusion of their content in the training set.” The announcement comes at a time […]

Measuring Digital Quality of Life

The AI revolution and how it will affect jobs and reskilling of staff

Strong AI growth forecasted for Europe



Diversity key factor to build trust in news media

There is an increasing lack of trust in news media. Diversifying newsrooms is widely viewed as important for increasing this trust, a survey by Reuters Institute shows.  Having representative journalists concerning political views and economic class backgrounds is often seen as more important for diversity than gender and racial/ethnic diversity. 80% of UK journalists have […]

Opportunities and threats with AI in the newsroom

News media rules for using AI well underway Oxford study finds

EU says social media’s efforts to stop disinformation not enough

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Today Dimitra Letsa and Moonshot News have the pleasure of hosting an in depth interesting discussion with Myladie Stoumbou, Regional Director for Microsoft, managing 24 markets based out of Athens, Greece. We are talking about resilience, inclusion, how to be the best possible people’s manager in a remote environment and about the type of skills […]

I consider ‘Glass Half-Broken: Shattering the Barriers That Still Hold Women Back at Work’ one of the most important books of the year in the field of gender diversity in the workplace; it is not a book that includes only statistics and conclusions. The authors, Boris Groysberg and Colleen Ammerman, have worked really hard to […]