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Manifesto to support European startups

More than 200 startups, founders and investment funds have signed a manifesto, a call to join forces around European startups. One goal is that Europe should have to 10 technology companies each valued at more than Euro 100bn by 2030. “We, founders and startups, corporations, investment funds, industry groupings and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders, are […]

EU unblocks cross border privacy investigations against big tech

Google launching more subscription services

More companies reporting cyberattacks



Provocative author and journalist Janet Malcolm is dead

“Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible”. The quote is a journalist writing about another journalist’s morally questionable relationship to a source. The quoted journalist is always provocative reporter and author Janet Malcolm who has died […]

Spotify launching chatrooms

Why local journalism is crucial for democracy

Freedom of opinion has its limits, says Merkel in DW Global Media Forum

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I met Puhoop when I was also working at Google. I always admired the silent way her efficiency mysteriously shined through and the unbelievably balanced mix of self-confidence and modesty she emitted. I later found out that Puhoop has an amazing story to share, going from engineering to marketing, from India to Amsterdam and from […]

Eva Kaili is the most influential EMP in EU’s Digital Policy, according to the Influence Index 2020. Working closely with Margrethe Vestager, she is one of the top politicians in Europe apt to talk about how EU is working to protect our digital rights as citizens and what the big tech companies should expect (including fines). Talking […]

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