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AI, ML and biotech attracting investors


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning together with biotech continue to dominate as areas for investments, according to financial data firm PitchBook’s Emerging Tech Indicator (ETI) for Q3, 2023. AI &

Cyber risks and inflation top concerns for businesses


Cyber risks and inflationary risks are the two top concerns for companies. 37% of organisations believe they are “highly” or “extremely” exposed to cyber risks – narrowly behind inflationary risks

Investors prioritise faster adoption of artificial intelligence


61% of investors say faster adoption of artificial intelligence, including risk management, is “very”, or “extremely important” to companies’ value creation, according to consultancy PwC’s annual global investor survey.  Including

Fake GenAI ads used to spread malware on social media


Interest in GenAI tools is being used to spread malware on social media. Fraudsters created social media pages and ran ads that encouraged people to “download” Google’s GenAI tool Bard,

Developing innovative business models for GenAI


While technology is a source of advantage, it is the business model that will help businesses monetize generative AI and drive lasting competitive advantage. By 2024, 33% of the world’s

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