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HR reporting cost cutting by using genAI tools


Business’s expectations for genAI’s impact remain as high as they were last year, with three-quarters predicting that it will lead to significant or disruptive change in their industries in the

AI jobs see up to 25% wage premium


Sectors using more AI see almost fivefold (4.8x) greater labour productivity growth. AI jobs are growing 3.5x faster than for all jobs and for every AI job posting in 2012,

Survey shows AI skills vital to get hired


Use of generative AI has nearly doubled in the last six months. 75%of global knowledge workers are using it. The pressure to make AI use profitable is making leaders inert. While leaders

Tablet sales up after two years of decline


After more than two years of decline, worldwide tablet market noted a slight improvement of 0.5% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2024, totalling 30.8 million units, according to International

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