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Digital attacks against Ukraine.

Ukrainian government under constant digital attacks


The Ukrainian government is under near-constant digital attack. “It is clear cyber will continue to play an integral role in future armed conflict, supplementing traditional forms of warfare”. Google says
Using GenAI for cyber defence.

Seven in ten companies to use GenAI for cyber defence


Business and tech leaders rank digital and tech top for risks they are prioritising for mitigation – nearly twice as high as natural disasters, pandemic, and inequality. 69% say their
AI tools for copyright free content.

AI tools creating copyright free content


One of the world’s biggest picture agencies, Getty Images, is launching a generative AI tool for users to create copyright free pictures. The tool is trained only on the agency’s
Countries with best digital quality of life.

Measuring Digital Quality of Life


European countries have the best digital quality of life. Nine European nations are on the top 10 countries for digital quality of life globally. The number ten is Singapore. France
Strong growth for European AI.

Strong AI growth forecasted for Europe


Artificial intelligence spending in Europe will reach $34.2 billion this year, representing 20.6% of the worldwide AI market. AI spending in Europe will post a 29.6% compound annual growth rate
Digital humans and robots forecasted to change the future for business.

Digital humans forecasted to change the future for business


Digital humans, satellite communications, tiny ambient IoT, secure computation and autonomic robots are five technologies that will transform the digital future for business, according to market research firm Gartner. Digital
Users of AI tolls reported to worry about unclear copyright.

Users of AI services worry about copyright problems


Who owns what is produced by generative artificial intelligence? This is a new legal question following the global focus on this new technology. Microsoft says some of its customers worry

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