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Coding Girls

Coding Girls

Geographical Area: Luxembourg | Business Area: IT

Coding Girls is a global award winning platform dedicated to closing the gender gap in Technology.


Technology is the 21st centuries’ job driver, yet girls are under-represented in technology-related jobs. While in early age the interest is almost equal, the biggest decline happens once they become teenagers.


Coding Girls started as a small workshop with 16 girls and a boy and turned into an exciting journey with the aim to start Coding Girls Communities (CGCs) all over the world.

Their mission is to empower girls to get started in coding and to increase the number of women in technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Their key focus is to prepare girls to become the role models of the next generation in order to shift the paradigm and to create a balance.


An inclusive and diverse world with females as tech innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs who make a positive change with the help of code.


  • Inclusion: Everyone matters and matters equally.
  • Support: Creating a culture of friendliness and understanding.
  • Empowerment: If you are willing to learn, we are willing to show the way.
  • Diversity: Our differences spark innovation.
  • Courage: Acting with courage in order to shape the future we want to be part of.
  • Teamwork: Together we can.
  • Making a difference: Making a positive change in the world with the help of code.


Coding Girls is a gender-neutral organization promoting an increased presence of girls and women in the tech, leadership and entrepreneurship. Their programs are aimed to prepare girls to become the role models of the next generation in order to shift the paradigm and to create a balance in the tech world.

Coding Girls delivers a series of worldwide events, workshops and courses. With communities and clubs across the world they are continuously growing and increasing the number of girls and women in tech.

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Address: Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1858, LU


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