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Microsoft and Coursera offer new Azure specializations

Microsoft – Coursera offer new Azure specializations

Microsoft and Coursera are collaborating to offer new Azure specializations and scholarships.

Over the last year, there has been a significant uptake in digital skilling to fill the exponential rise in new tech jobs. In fact, the World Economic Forum is forecasting that nearly 150 million new tech jobs will be created in the next five years.

Microsoft is collaborating with Coursera to bring new opportunities for skilling in Azure via three new Specializations: Azure Fundamentals, AI Fundamentals, and Data Fundamentals.

The Azure Fundamentals Specialization gives learners the foundational understanding of Azure cloud services along with the knowledge to help build cloud solutions. Moreover, learners will learn about Azure general security, network security, identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features, as well as pricing and support.

In May, Microsoft launched AI Fundamentals and Data Fundamentals Specializations on Coursera. AI Fundamentals teach learners about artificial intelligence (AI) topics, like machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and conversational AI. Data Fundamentals dive deep into the roles and tasks involved in using Azure to store, process, manage, and analyze data.

As part of this initiative, Microsoft is also offering over 600 eligible Women in Cloud members free access to all three Specializations and their respective certifications. Women in Cloud is a community-led, economic development organization with a mission to create $1 billion in economic access and opportunity by 2030 by helping women with the tools, knowledge, and networks they need.


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