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Virtual Newsroom Summit
Virtual Newsroom Summit

Redefining how newsrooms operate

On 8 – 10 June, newsroom leaders around the world will meet in the ‘Visual Newsroom Summit’ to discuss how newsrooms have changed in the past months and their plans for 2021 in leading remotely while remaining agile. 

With a reluctance of many staff to give up their work-from-home privileges, changes made in 2020 and 2021 may well become permanent. So, the romantic depiction of the crowded, chaotic newsroom could be assigned to history.

How do newsroom leaders harness the creativity, bonds and energy that made physical newsrooms buzz with ideas that were both good for readers and revenue?

One day devoted to CMS solutions

The first day of the Newsroom Summit is a dedicated CMS day with a focus on how the CMS supports paid content goals – from producing more engaging content to integration with subscription systems and multi-platform distribution. 

Participants will learn about trends, review whether their own CMS is still fit for purpose, and how other publishers have approached the selection process. Most importantly, they will meet and hear from a selection of dedicated news CMS solution providers, all gathered in one virtual space!


Content that Sells (and keeps audiences loyal)

Why do climate change topics convert readers to subscribe at one title but not at another? How well do you know your audience(s), and how can you add value? Are you representing (and quoting) enough diverse voices? What audiences are we missing without this diversity in the newsroom?

Newsroom Remotivation – People & Processes

How do you keep going back and arguing for change, especially during a pandemic? New newsroom roles and responsibilities. Who has cracked the formula to maintain motivation and resilience in their teams? How to manage exhaustion and what’s next?

Product Strategies Driving New Subscriptions

Newsletters, podcasts, app, epaper. How do you give new projects proper attention?

The Sustainable Digital Newsroom

How has the recent huge growth in digital subscriptions changed the dynamics in the newsroom?

The Summit is organised by WAN-IFRA World Association of News Publishers.


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