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Reuters offers free training course in digital journalism

Reuters Online Training: Introduction to Digital Journalism

Reuters has launched a free training course in digital journalism, produced in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project.

The course takes a deep dive into the best practices for budding and experienced journalists alike, exploring four modules: 

  • Digital Newsgathering, which “gives users the tools to find stories faster, analyze eyewitness reports and reach new audiences”.
  • Verification and Reporting, which “explores the essential skills of how to verify sources and content on digital platforms”. 
  • Publishing Effectively on Social Media, which focuses on “producing powerful and engaging content”. 
  • Wellness and Resilience, which teaches the “crucial ability to cope with online harassment and includes self-care 101”.

At the end of the course, journalists “will have gleaned valuable insight from the highly-respected professionals in the Reuters newsrooms around the world, as news media moves into the digital age.”

“If you are a seasoned journalist, think of this as a refresher course on the best way to move forward, to learn new skills and add digital reporting deftness and social media competence to your toolbox. If you are a novice, you’ll learn all this, plus valuable insight on how to write and produce multi-media stories that engage readers and hold their attention,” Reuters says.

This two-hour training introduces participants to best practices in digital journalism. Using compelling images, and hands-on how-to’s, the course offers valuable insight in four modules. After completing the two-hour training, participants receive a digital certificate of completion.

As digital media platforms grow more vibrant and popular every year, sound journalism is more important than ever. Now, not only do newsrooms unearth and report news stories, but citizen journalists around the world, aided by ever expanding digital technologies, are able to present stories via social media platforms and other digital forms. The ways in which people consume news morphs with each passing year.

Reuters has recently appointed their first woman editor-in-chief, but if you are interested on how Reuters is doing in the diversity front, you can read Moonshot News’ deep-dive here.


You can start your verification HERE.


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