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GenAI predicted to take over 30% of ordinary marketing tasks

GenAI will by 2027 assume 30% of traditional marketing’s mundane tasks such as SEO, content and website optimization, customer data analysis, segmentation, lead scoring and hyper-personalization. 51% of  chief marketing officers (CMO) stress their top business objective in the next 12 months is to improve lead generation through improved quality of content marketing. 37.8% indicate that they have already begun implementing GenAI technologies, according to a survey made by International Data Corporation (IDC) in Asia/Pacific.

“With factors such as Generative AI, marketing content fatigue, phasing out of cookies, and a shift towards an open advertising ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly important for CMOs and CIOs to stay updated on all these evolving trends and how these will impact the marketing and IT functions”, IDC says in a report about the survey.

IDC’s predictions highlight that AI will drive greater level of automation across marketing tasks which will ultimately transform the marketer’s role to leverage greater skillsets, and cross-functional collaboration across teams.

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In the near-term (2024-2026), the focus will be on consumer-controlled AI, value creation from zero and first-party data, more open advertising environment, intelligent journey orchestration driven by contextualized conversations. 

In the longer term (2027-2029), there will be a shift to automation of traditional marketing tasks, employ hosted communities quantum sensing and intent AI, expansion of marketers’ skillsets, and greater collaboration.

“There will be a clear shift towards marketers expanding their skillets to include capabilities such as storytelling, and data analytics and greater cross-functional collaboration with other teams such as IT, sales, and operations towards the notion of a dream team. Generative AI will act as the enabler through greater automation of manual tasks such as SEO, content, and website optimization” says Lavanya Jindal, Research Analyst at IDC.

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