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A call for more women to Web3

A call for more women to develop Web3

Women continue to remain underrepresented and excluded as both leaders and industry participants on Web 3, the third generation of web technologies. Because existing Web3 companies are male-dominated, their products are built for one group of people, Regan Oelze, founder of Web3 platform Minted Mojito that promotes women users, writes in the business magazine Fast Company.

“How can we make sure that everyone gets the chance to find professional, financial, or personal success in this growing sector? Every single one of us has a part to play in this growth from educating to hiring and beyond.”

She writes that to succeed, Web3 platforms must ensure their product teams represent the customers they aim to serve. “But before they can build inclusive products, they have to build inclusive teams. This isn’t an easy task, but empowering women to join the Web3 space will propel these companies forward.” 

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She recommends two actions:

  • Make sure educational resources are geared towards everyone. “Many early adopters were drawn to bitcoin because of its antiestablishment ethos and perceived ability to protect wealth from government interference. While not inherently masculine, this mindset attracted a disproportionate amount of men to the industry, leading to the bro culture that exists today.”
  • Build teams women actually want to join. “While every company, regardless of industry, should commit to internal diversity and inclusion benchmarks, these are reactive, not proactive strategies and do little to move the metaphorical needle. To boost their commitment to the cause, Web2 tech companies partnered with communities such as Lesbians Who Tech and Black Girls Code. Web3 companies can easily follow suit, but with specific sets of skills, knowledge, and technological training. There are numerous organizations dedicated to ushering in this new cohort of Web3 employees, no matter which department they sit in.” 

She writes that across the industry, women often find themselves grappling with the cognitive dissonance of benefitting from this incredible opportunity in exchange for endless misogyny.

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“This can no longer be tolerated. Together, we can create a more inclusive environment where anyone, regardless of gender or sex, feels comfortable exploring, using and learning about digital assets.” 

“If the exclusive culture of Web3 persists as it is today, it will not succeed.  A diverse community of users and workforce is crucial for mass adoption, but you cannot have one without the other.”


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