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Data and Analytics diversity report

Diversity Report: Data & Analytics jobs in EU dominated by young men

Only 23% of European jobs in Data and Analytics are held by women and on average they earn 16% less than their male colleagues, according to a diversity report on the European Data and Analytics sector made by consultancy Harnham.

The pay gap varies a lot between countries with the biggest gap in Germany where the salary gap is 34%. Spain has the best result when it comes to pay gap with just a couple of per cent. In the Nordics, the gap has increased but at 14% it is still below the regional average of 16%.

Outside of annual salaries, there is also pay disparity when it comes to bonuses. Women in the Nordics and Germany receive an average bonus of 11%, lower than their male colleagues who average 14% and 17% respectively.

”Even in Spain, the country closest to pay parity, there is a stark gap when it comes to bonuses, with male bonuses on average 144% higher than female. Businesses looking to improve equality need to look not just at salaries, but at the whole packages they offer”, the report says.



When it comes to prioritise benefits, women and men have rather much the same opinion. All say the two top benefits are Flexible Working and Working From Home.

Women prioritise Health Insurance over Bonus, while for men it is the other way around. Both women and men agree that Education/Training/Allowance is the last on the top-five.

”With 65% of professionals across Europe aged under 35 and 60% aged between 25 and 34, the Data & Analytics workforce can be considered largely “millennial”. This may explain why the industry has embraced millennial professional values, such as flexible working, to the extent that it has. Most youthful of all is the France/Benelux region, where 69% of professionals are under the age of 35.”



The report says that diversity in general has increased across the industry but that this is largely due to an influx of talent at lower levels. This is particularly the case in France/ Benelux, Germany and Spain where the percentage of Entry-level roles held by women ranges from 42-44%.

”While it’s positive to see high numbers of women entering the industry, they are vastly underrepresented in leadership roles”, the report says.

In all European countries, the number of women falls by more than half at Head of/ Director level. In Spain, the number of director positions filled by women is just 6%.

”The Nordics, on the other hand, has a more even distribution of women amongst different levels of seniority. Women make up the greatest percentage of Mid-Level roles at 25%, while every other level is between 14-16% female. This may explain why the number of female Data & Analytics professionals in the Nordics has stayed fairly consistent over the past few years, as the numbers represent less a surge of new talent, and more an evolving industry. That being said, at only 20% female, more still needs to be done as part of this evolution.”

It’s also worth noting that, when asked about the number of women in their company’s leadership team, only 13% had more women than men. 32% reported that their leadership team had no female members at all.

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