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EuroGender platform for gender equality closing

EU platform for gender equality closing down

The European Institute for Gender Equality has on a Friday in the middle of the European holiday season announced it is closing its platform EuroGender. Gender balance is still far away and the EIGE just says that the organization “has decided to replace EuroGender and collaborate with the gender equality community in different and more innovate ways.” What that means is not explained.

In the calendar there are slots when very few are reading the news. Friday mid-August would be such a slot so the announcement has unfortunately passed unnoticed.

EIGE itself describes EuroGender as “EIGE’s online cooperation and consultation hub that allows all its members to share knowledge and contribute to advancing gender equality in Europe and beyond”.

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EIGE is adding that EuroGender allows individuals and organisations to:

  • Join EuroGender workspaces where virtual teams work together on gender equality
  • Share your knowledge and engage with experts via online discussions
  • Check-out the latest gender related events  and post yours
  • Engage with experts from around the world, anytime you want, from any device. You can search EuroGender members per country or areas of expertise in the community tab
  • Make your voice heard and fill in one of EIGE’s surveys!

In its statement about closing EuroGender from September 15, EIGE says:

”Almost 10 years ago EIGE hosted the first online discussion on the new and innovative collaboration platform we created: EuroGender. Ever since, EuroGender grew in number of users and kept evolving the functionalities it provided.

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The last couple of years we all experienced a major change on the way we work. Most of us had to manage our tasks, the activities within our organisations and external parties, using a plethora of available tools for online collaboration.

For a platform like EuroGender, it is difficult to keep-up with the evolution in today’s work environment. We believe that developing and maintaining our own collaboration tool in-house is not an area EIGE should continue investing. We have decided to replace EuroGender and collaborate with the gender equality community in different and more innovative ways.”

Concerning the future, readers are advised to follow EIGE´s website and social media accounts.

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The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) operates as an autonomous body within the framework of European Union policies and initiatives. The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have defined the grounds for the Institute’s objectives and tasks and has assigned it ”the central role of addressing the challenges of and promoting equality between women and men across the European Union.”







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