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EU rules on combating violence against women

Tougher rules on cyber violence are included in a provisional deal to combat gender-based violence that has been reached between the EU Parliament and the European Council.  The deal is described by the Parliament as the “first ever EU rules on combating violence against women”. 

The agreement includes measures to prevent rape and better support for victims. 

“For the first time, there will be EU-wide rules on the criminalisation of certain forms of gender-based violence and better access to justice, protection and prevention. Member states will aim to raise awareness that non-consensual sex is considered a criminal offence”, the Parliament says in a statement after reaching the agreement.

The Parliament and governments in the Council will have to formally approve the agreement. The new rules will come into force twenty days after their publication in the EU Official Journal, and member states have three years to implement the provisions.

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The new legislation will also include:

  • a longer list of aggravating circumstances for offences, including crimes against a public figure, journalist or human rights defender, intent to punish victims for their sexual orientation, gender, skin colour, religion, social origin or political beliefs, and intent to preserve or restore “honour”;
  • rules against female genital mutilation and forced marriage;
  • specific rules for online crimes, including the release of intimate material and cyberflashing;
  • improved procedures for victims’ safety and health, taking into account intersectional discrimination and access to healthcare, including sexual and reproductive healthcare services; and
  • enhanced reporting and evidence gathering by authorities.
  • The EU Commission will report every five years on whether the rules should be revised.
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