Diversity and Inclusion 2021 Report

Gender but not racial balance in the newsroom of ‘The Atlantic’

Gender but not racial balance in the newsroom of ‘The Atlantic’

The American magazine ‘The Atlantic’ was founded in Boston in the spring of 1857 and its mission statement was signed by many important American authors, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herman Melville, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, as a home for intellectual debate, but also in opposition to the great moral injustice of its time.

More than a century and a half later, its editors still believe that that purpose is larger than themselves and they reiterate that in the introduction of the recently published diversity report.

“At its best, our culture reflects this calling. It is characterized by goodwill and a deep sense of mutual concern. Our goal is not consensus—on the contrary, our best work may be born of spirited exchange and a diversity of views. What brings us together is a commitment to the mission of The Atlantic, to our readers, and to one another”, say the authors of the Diversity and Inclusion report that ‘The Atlantic’ released in November 2021.

In 2020, the magazine formed a DEI Committee composed of staff members from each department to review company policies and recommend a DEI Action Plan to executive leadership. The DEI Action Plan was released to staff in May 2021, and its implementation is ongoing. The DEI Action Plan is comprehensive, focusing on five key pillars:

  1. building and instituting an annual recruitment strategy
  2. building a centralized onboarding program
  3. expanding programs to support staff development and advancement
  4. revamping the review process, and
  5.  collecting and learning from data.
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People who identify as women comprise:

  • 59% of the staff overall,
  • 51% of the employees working in the Audience, Product, Engineering, Growth, IT departments (A-PEG-IT),
  • 70% of the Business staff, and
  • 57% of the Editorial staff in mid-year 2021.

The Atlantic gender balance

As of mid-year, 56% of all In Summary staff hired in 2021 identify as women. When viewed by department, new hires (over the last 12 months) who identify as women comprise 46% of A-PE-GIT, 69% of Business, and 54% of Edit.

Staff who identify as people of color comprise

  • 28% of the staff overall in mid-year 2021
  • 39% of the A-PEG-IT staff, 21% of the Business staff, and
  • 26% of the Editorial staff.

The Atlantic racial balance

As of mid-year, 56% of all staff hired over the last 12 months identify as people of color. When viewed by department, those new hires who identify as people of color comprise 61% of A-PEG-IT, 54% of Business, and 54% of Edit. At an all-staff level, 11% of the staff self-identifies as Asian, 8% as Black or African American, and 5% as Hispanic or Latino. About 3% of staffers identify as two or more races.

Within executive leadership, people who identify as women comprise 67% of executive leadership overall, 71% on the Editorial side, 55% on the Business side, and 100% on the A-PEG-IT team. People of color comprise 24% of executive leadership overall, 29% of Editorial leadership, 18% of Business leadership, and 33% of A-PEG-IT leadership.

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