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Lack of data for gender equality project

UN Women reports lack of data delaying gender equality work

Despite the growing need for gender data to better understand and manage ongoing global crises and challenges, funding levels are scarce and remain far below what’s needed. It will take 22 years to close gender data gaps, UN Women says reporting about difficulties to access data needed for UN project Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Until 2030, USD 500 million a year is needed, double what is currently allocated, UN Women says:

“We must re-double our efforts to invest in data production and the use of more and better gender data to understand and address the medium- and long-term effects of the pandemic, war in Ukraine, and cost-of-living crisis. Data is the best way to spur evidence-based and gender-responsive policy action and leave no one behind.”

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“When crises hit, not everyone is affected quite the same way. Crises intersect with and exacerbate existing inequalities. Challenges of climate change and its disproportionate impacts on women have been compounded by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine, and cost-of-living crisis. All of these have had a crippling effect on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Of 193 countries, no one country has all the data available on gender-specific SDG indicators. UN Women says that if the historical average increase of 3 percentage points continues, it will take 22 years for countries to make all SDG gender data available, more than a decade past the 2030 deadline for the SDGs, UN Women stressed.

“Seven years into Agenda 2030, there are 14 gender-specific indicators where no data has been reported for any country. These include, among others, women subject to sexual violence, women living below 50% of median income and the national poverty line and hourly earnings of women employees.”

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