Women in newsrooms: Canada gets it right

Women in newsrooms: Canada gets it right

There is a women majority in Canadian newsrooms. 52.7% of all staff in the newsrooms identify as women compared to 46.7% who identify as men and 0.7% who identify as non-binary, according to a diversity survey by the Canadian Association of journalists.

Women outnumber men at leadership level where 51.8% of supervisors identify as women, compared to 47.4% who identify as men, and 0.8% who identify as non-binary. There is greater racial diversity among women supervisors than among men. Visible minority women journalists hold 20.2% of supervisor roles compared to just 15.1% held by their counterparts who are men.

  • The survey comprise data on 3,873 journalists in 209 newsrooms.
  • 9% identify as white compared to 18.6% who identify as a visible minority, and 6.4% who identify as Indigenous.
  • About nine in 10 newsrooms have no Latin, Middle Eastern, or mixed race journalists on staff.
  • About eight in 10 newsrooms have no Black or Indigenous journalists on staff.
  • 9% of supervisors identify as white, compared to 1.4% who identify as Black, 8.3% who identify as Asian, and 4.2% who identify as Indigenous.
  • 6% of outlets report having no visible minorities or Indigenous journalists in one of the top three leadership roles in their newsroom.
  • Black and Middle Eastern journalists are twice as likely to work part-time jobs as full-time jobs.
  • 27% of all interns identify as Asian, compared to 9.1 per cent of full-time journalists.
  • The racial identity of 25% of journalists included in this survey is unknown by their newsroom managers.

The report concludes that the typical Canadian newsroom is not representative of the Canadian population.

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“After all, the mode, or value that appears most frequently, for race is 100% white. Visible minority journalists make up a smaller proportion of the industry as a whole than visible minority people do population-wide. Indigenous journalists are overrepresented compared to Indigenous people population-wide, but nearly all work in one of just two newsrooms. Similarly, visible minority journalists are concentrated in a handful of large newsrooms.|

“Generally speaking, white journalists make up a higher percentage of those with better jobs. White journalists hold 81.9% of supervisor roles and 79.6% of top three leadership positions. Those with more junior positions tend to be more diverse. For example, a quarter of all interns identify as Asian, compared to 9% of full-time journalists.”

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