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Jobs held by women most affected by GenAI

Women’s jobs most affected by GenAI

Women are more exposed to generative AI than men. Generative AI affects professional roles and sectors where women are more represented while more traditional AI and robotics are more common in areas dominated by men, four researchers at non-profit Swedish Research Institute of Industrial Economics write in a report

Finance and Research, ICT, Media, Legal and Financial Consulting are the industries most affected by generative AI. Among the least generative AI-exposed industries are construction and mining, according to the report.

People with higher education are on average more exposed to both AI in general and generative AI than those with lower education, the report says. 

“This is in sharp contrast to robotisation where we note the opposite pattern, namely a lower exposure the higher the education that the employee has. ¨

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Women, regardless of income level, are generally more exposed to generative AI than men, according to the report.

As generative AI can be used both as a complement and as a substitute for labour, it is not clear how this new technology will affect future time spent on jobs for highly exposed individuals, the researchers write.

“In any case, it is clear that highly educated women to a greater extent work in professions that are greatly affected by generative AI.”

“While robotisation primarily affected manual and routine jobs that are often held by low income earners, generative AI seems to affect professions that require higher education and are more often held by high income earners.”

“This may have consequences for the structure and dynamics of the labour market.”

The researchers are Malin Gardberg, Fredrik Heyman, Martin Olsson and Joacim Tag.

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