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A new boom for The Crown

A boom for The Crown

The Crown, Netflix’ hit series that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, has a new boom after her death. Worldwide, “The Crown’s” viewership increased nearly four times over the past weekend versus the previous weekend, according to data analytics firm Whip Media. The day after the Queen’s death, UK newspapers used more than 400 pages to report on her life and reactions to her death. Guardian reports that the BBC seems to have avoided serious complaints about its massive coverage which the broadcaster suffered after her husband’s death.

Variety and Whip Media report that between Friday, September 9 and Sunday, September 11, The Crown’s viewership in the UK increased more than 800%. In the US, it more than quadrupled compared with the previous week, and in France, it was up by three times its previous numbers.

New episodes of The Crown are expected to be launched at the end of the year. 

The BBC’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Queen’s death has avoided the mass of complaints that accompanied its output when Prince Philip died, although broadcasters are edging back towards normal schedules as viewing figures start to dip, Guardian reports.

“Internal BBC complaints data show it received about 670 objections from people who felt last Thursday’s coverage of the Queen’s death was excessive, compared with the 100,000 who objected to its output to mark her husband dying.”

 Guardian reports that more than 100 people complained that two journalists in the newsroom could be seen standing behind Huw Edwards as the presenter announced the death of the monarch on Thursday night. Other complaints were about the presenter wearing a black tie for several hours before the monarch’s death was officially announced.

The Press Gazette counted newspaper pages and reports that some 426 pages of UK’s national newspapers were on September 9 used to cover Queen Elisabeth’s life and reaction to her death. At the death of Prince Philip on 9 April 2021, coverage comprised 540 pages over three days. 

The news confirming the Queen’s death on September 8 broke at 6.30pm with an announcement from Buckingham Palace. From 12.40pm, the BBC suspended normal programmes for rolling coverage of the Queen’s health. From around 4.30pm some media are reported to have been aware the Queen had died but waited for official confirmation to break the news.

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