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News on Twich for younger audience

A news channel on Twich to reach younger audiences

Aiming at young news consumers, Vice World News is launching a news channel on streaming platform Twich with live two hour twice-weekly shows. “Our audience is young, plugged-in, and doesn’t always access news in a traditional way, so it’s a natural fit for us to take our global reporting to Twitch,” said Katie Drummond, Senior Vice President of Global News and Global Editor-in-Chief.

A number of reports have shown how media companies struggle to reach younger consumers. “These groups are critical audiences for publishers and journalists around the world, and for the sustainability of the news, but are increasingly hard to reach and may require different strategies to engage them”, Reuters Institute recently wrote in its annual report on digital news.

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The show will be on Twich Tuesdays and Thursdays, co-hosted by Dexter Thomas and Samir Ferdowsi and will offer major news stories, and highlight Vice News’ own stories and investigations. Episodes will be streamed from Vice News headquarters in  Los Angeles and London.

“We’ve had success on Twitch with other Vice brands, including Motherboard and Waypoint, and have seen the appetite for our content when it’s carried on other Twitch channels. This is yet another way that Vice is meeting our audience wherever they are”, Drummond said.

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The show will air exclusively on the Twitch platform, but popular segments will be cross-posted to Vice social, digital, and television channels. The company said.

Lianne Turner, Vice President of Global Video for Vice News, will serve as the executive producer. Vice Media Group launched a Twitch channel for its gaming brand, Waypoint, in 2016 and a separate channel for its tech and science brand, Motherboard earlier this year.

Vice Media Group describes itself as a global multi-platform media company, launched in 1994 and with offices across 25 countries. It has a focus on five key businesses:, an international network of digital content; Vice Studios, a feature film and television production studio; Vice TV, an international television network; a News division and Virtue, a creative agency. The company’s portfolio includes Refinery29, a global media and entertainment company focused on women.

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