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A journalist's toolkit for elections.

A toolkit for journalists fighting disinformation around elections

Disinformation around elections is a threat to democracy. The International Journalists’ Network has launched an Elections Reporting Toolkit that draws on critical lessons learned from past elections, in the US in particular. 

It is an extensive multimedia resource package to support journalists and newsrooms covering elections is now available in English and Spanish

The International Journalists’ Network (IJNet), in collaboration with Chequeado and Factchequeado, and supported by WhatsApp, has published the toolkit.

It includes tips to counter disinformation around elections, safeguard digital security, and report on anti-democratic extremism, among other top-of-mind, election-related issues today. 

“Our Elections Reporting Toolkit comes amid heightened polarization, unrest and disinformation around elections globally in recent years,” says David Maas, director for IJNet, a platform for the International Center for Journalists. 

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“Our resources were designed to help journalists today better cover these critical stories, engage their audiences more deeply in them, and to stay safe.”

Disinformation around elections, and how to combat it, is a central focus.It offers best practices to cover allegations of election fraud, counteract political disinformation on social media, and more. 

A powerful and growing voting bloc, Latino communities in the US have been targets of uniquely alarming disinformation campaigns in recent elections, IJNet says.

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