Antisemitism on all social media: International study

Antisemitism on all social media: International study

Some of the major social media platforms have been absolutely central to the creation and spread of conspiracy ideology content, much of which is anti-semitic. The most worrying is that there is antisemitism on every social platform.

These are the conclusions in a report covering nine social media platforms called Antisemitism in the Digital Age and published in connection with the International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism held in Malmö, Sweden where also the big tech and social media are present.

The report, made by London-based campaign group HOPE not Hate, in collaboration with Swedish Expo Foundation and German Amadeu Antonio Foundation, says  that “while the amount of different types of antisemitism varies between platforms, it remains possible to locate all forms and extremes of antisemitism on all platforms.”

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“On the more mainstream and larger platforms where overtly extreme antisemitism is more robustly acted against, conspiratorial antisemitism remains a huge problem. The major platforms that have taken a more robust approach to tackling antisemitism in recent years still have a long way to go. We found that some major platforms have become increasingly successful at removing anti-semitic organisations, but still struggle to remove anti-semitic content that emanates from decentralised and non-formalised movements.”

”Many antisemites change the tone, style and content of their antisemitism depending on the platform they are using to try and stay within the moderation line. For this reason, platforms that fail to adopt a holistic approach to moderation that takes into account off-platform behaviour, have more antisemites on them. ”

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We found that the nature of online spaces can and has changed the nature and tone of antisemitism. Much of the antisemitism we found mimics and reflects the style and tone of the online space in which it is being articulated. This has resulted in some of the traditional pseudo-academic antisemitism and Holocaust denial losing ground to more mocking and internet-friendly forms of denial.

The repost includes studies of Facebook, Instagram, Parler, Reddit, Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and 4chan /pol.

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