Deloitte Insights Digital Media trends 2021 report – an executive summary

Deloitte Insights Digital Media trends 2021 report – an executive summary

Deloitte Insights Digital Media trends 2021 report includes some very interesting data, a reflection of consumers and markets reality during a very special year.

Keeping in mind that the research includes data ONLY from the US market, Moonshot newsroom has summarized the most prominent areas of the report.

What are the users doing?

  • 11% to 14% of all generations listen to music
  • 10% to 12% of all generations browse the internet
  • 39% of boomers watch video at home (vs 10% of Gen Z)
  • 26% of Gen Z is gaming (vs 10% of boomers)
  • 11% of Gen Z is on social platforms (vs 2% of boomers)

Conclusion: Given that all generations show the same level of preferences and engagement for music and web based services, these areas have a stable user basis and easier to predict development – which make them safer bets for media companies wanting to grow without heavier and riskier investments.

Willingness to pay for new video streaming services

  • 46% would pay if it was low enough
  • 35% wide range of content
  • 33% if it was the only place they could find content they are specifically interested in
  • 53% frustrated they had to subscribe to multiple services to get the content they want

Conclusion: the willingness to pay is still rather low and the media companies with cheap and wide offerings would see faster user base growth and gains compared to the niche ones.

Tolerance to ads

The percentage missing from those willing to pay for streaming services is accurately reflected to the ads tolerance numbers, but differs per activity:

  • Video: 40% would prefer to pay up to 12USD for ads free service
  • Music: 45% would rather pay for ads free music
  • Gaming: 49% would rather pay

Conclusion: there is a correlation between the level of tolerance and the type of activity: viewing ads is less disruptive in a video than in a game; that also translates to an improvement area for advertisers that should address the lower ad tolerance in music and gaming with innovative and seamless advertising formats and types, more suitable to each medium.

High Social Media Usage but low trust

Everyone is on social platforms, but no one trusts them:

  •  34% of all users get their news via social media
  • 50% of Gen Z get their news via social media
  • 67% of all users declared that they do not trust the news they find on social media services
  • 77% of all users said the government should do more to regulate data collection and use.

Conclusion: Those findings combined are definitely driving the conversations about regulating social media, also in the US.

The million (or better billion) dollar questions 

This research (as all of similar quality) gives great insights on users, their behaviors and intentions, but the fact remains that the winners will be the ones who can better predict the right answers to the following questions:

  • Which habits will be developed post-pandemic, when people would be keen on outdoor and social activities that they have been deprived of for more than a year?
  • How will the ratio of preferred activities (gaming, video and audio) develop over time?
  • Will the advertising industry, platforms and publishers rise to the challenge of finding ways of producing targeted, relevant and non intrusive advertising while respecting users’ privacy?

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