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Musk says the bird is freed

Elon Musk says “the bird is freed”

“The bird is freed”, tweeted the man who now has the title Chief Twit, better known as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. The “bird” was obviously the Twitter bird and the message was his confirmation that he has now finalised his buying of Twitter for USD 44 billion. The markets are looking forward to get his definitions of some mystifying expressions.

What does it mean when he calls himself a “free speech absolutist”? 

Twitter will not descend into a free-for-all, he said despite arguing for limited restrictions. A statement that advertisers would be interested in knowing more about. Around 90% of the company’s revenue is from advertising.

He bought the company to help humanity and he wants ““civilisation to have a common digital town square”.

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And will ex-president Donald Trump get his Twitter account back? Musk has described the decision to block his account as “foolish” and said he would reverse it. Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter in January 2021 after a mob attacked the Capitol building and Twitter said it wanted to avoid the risk that Trump’s tweets would incite further violence.

The story started In April when it was discovered that Musk quietly had bought shares so he was Twitter’s largest shareholder. By the end of the month, he had agreed to buy all of the company for USD 44 billion.

In mid-May, the deal was questioned as Musk accused the management of not giving him correct numbers about fake Twitter accounts.

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In July, he said he had changed his mind and no longer wished to acquire the company but Twitter insisted he was legally committed to the deal and went to court. 

In early October, Musk said he after all planned to take over the company on condition that legal proceedings were paused.

Proceedings were paused with October 28 is deadline and on October 27, Musk tweeted that the bird was free. US media reported that he had fired the top management.


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