EU funding of European media platforms

EU funding of European media platforms

A project to develop European media platforms and increasing EU access to quality information has been launched by the EU Commission. The ambition is information in as many EU languages as possible and to increase trust in quality news content online. The Commission has launched a new €6million call for proposals to set up the European media platforms projects.

The financing is for projects that ”enhance and expand technical media systems delivering news media content and/or programming. They are encouraged to collaborate and to increase the availability of original reporting, helping news media organisations reach new audiences. They should thus explain how these projects would allow to effectively handling the content or contain sufficient methods for content search and discovery systems.”

Addressing the discussion about how algorithms decide what users should read, the Commission says transparency and openness of technical tools and editorial arrangements are fundamental components.

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“Users should feel safe, informed when accessing information and protected from undesired manipulation techniques. When used, algorithms should be explainable and verifiable, and designed to accommodate citizens’ fundamental rights as well as values linked to news quality standards, such as fact-based communication, unbiased reporting, independence, pluralism, diversity of viewpoints, fairness, transparency, and respect for human dignity, equality and human rights.”

The news services should reach as many EU citizens as possible in as many European languages as possible, for example through human and automatic translation or by involving multipliers.

The call is open to news media organisations –including broadcasters and publishers-, media technology developers and other organisations active in the news media domain.

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The grant agreement will include a charter of independence to make sure that applicants are editorially free and operate without any political interference.

The maximum co-financing rate of is 80% of the total eligible costs. The Commission expects to fund approximately three proposals, with an expected duration of 12 months. The maximum amount per grant has been set at €2.5million. Deadline is October 17, 2022.



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