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Investigative reporter shot in Amsterdam

Investigative reporter dies after being shot on street in Amsterdam

Investigative Dutch crime reporter Peter R de Vries has died after being shot on a street in Amsterdam just minutes after participating in a TV chat show. Three suspects have been arrested, according to news reports.

De Vries is well known in Holland for his exposé of underground gangs. His investigative reporting has been recognized with a number of awards.

Police say he was taken to hospital in a serious condition after being shot with five bullets. Three people have been arrestd in connection with the shooting, two in a car on the A4 motorway at Leidschendam and a third in Amsterdam.

de Vries has earlier had police protection after receiving threats. The mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, said he was “fighting for his life” and condemned his shooting as a “cruel, heartless attack”.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima said they were “deeply shocked” and that “journalists must be unthreatened and free to do their important work.”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at a news conference said free journalism is “crucial for society”.

In Athens, crime investigating reporter George Karaivaz was shot and killed in April when he stepped out of his car close to his home. There are no report about suspects. He was shot by two men on a motorbike that were seen on a CCTV recording when they left after having shot the reporter..

The motive remains unknown but Karaivaz was known for investigating organised crime and police corruption. His last reportage posted on his blog was referring to fraudsters having managed to secure extensive (and expensive) police protection in a non compliant way.

The gun man fired ten shots with a silenced gun and got of the bike to fire a final shot on close range.


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