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Children spend more time on social media

Kids prefer TikTok and YouTube

Children’s time spent on social media use continues to increase with kids spending 12% more time on their social feeds than they did in 2021, according to a report from parental control software maker Qustodio. TikTok is the social media favourite also this year and YouTube is the number one for video.

The report is based on anonymous information from over 400,000 families from around the world and individual market trends in the US, UK, Spain and Australia.

As Instagram and its parent company Meta fought to stay relevant, Twitter and TikTok dominated the media, which was reflected in kids’ use of the two social giants, the report says.

“Twitter experienced popularity growth among its youngest users, while TikTok came out on top both in terms of popularity and time spent scrolling, with children recording their highest use yet of the platform.”

“For yet another year, TikTok dominated the top spot globally and in all countries analyzed. 1 in 2 kids in the UK now uses TikTok, while almost 2 in 3 children in Spain (61%) are fans of the seemingly unstoppable social media giant.”

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The report says that against all odds, Facebook’s popularity among younger users slightly grew across 2022, with 38% of kids giving it second place globally.

“Snapchat maintained its global third position, but rose to second place in the UK, with 46% of kids using the app, and dropped to fourth position in the US, behind new top 3 contender Pinterest, which 40% of US children now use.”

“2022 was not Instagram’s year, falling com­pletely out of the top 5 most popular social media in Australia, the US, and the UK. The app’s saving grace was found in Spain, where children continued to show their devotion to Instagram, with 51% of kids helping it secure second place in the country”, the report says.

The report says that for video, YouTube was the clear winner in terms of popularity.

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Globally, 63% of kids use YouTube, with that number rising to 67% in the UK, and 73% in Spain. YouTube also claimed the top spot in the US (60% of kids) and Australia, where 58% of children used the online video service.
Netflix was kids’ second choice in 2022, with 39% popularity worldwide and in the US.

More Spanish and British children use Netflix than their Australian counterparts: 41% and 43% of children use the streaming platform, as opposed to just 34% in Australia.

“One of the only platforms in our top 5 to experience a dip in global popularity was live streaming service Twitch, with only 11% of kids tuning in over 2022, compared to 16% in 2021. This trend was similar across all countries analyzed, with Twitch going down at least one position in Spain, the UK, and Australia, and falling out of the top 5 completely in the United States.”

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