Nordic unions leaving International Federation of Journalists

Nordic unions leaving International Federation of Journalists

Journalists’ trade unions in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland are leaving the International Journalist Federation (IFJ) protesting that IFJ is too soft on the Russian journalists’ union (RUJ) that is reported to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Swedish journalists’ trade union’s magazine Journalisten reports. 

The Swedish union is staying in the IFJ but chair Ulrika Hyllert is quoted saying that the Swedish union is investigating consequences of leaving IFJ.

The background is that IFJ has not suspended the RUJ that is reported to supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is recruiting members in areas occupied by Russia in Ukraine. 

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The Danish union has also criticized the management of IFJ and that IFJ decided to hold its congress in Oman”, the magazine reports.

The magazine quotes Tine Johansen, chair of the Danish union, saying that “this is not an easy decision but we can’t be members of an international union for journalists that is not defending freedom of the press and that has elections and decision processes that do not live up to our requirements of transparency.”

“We have running aid projects reported via IFJ which the other journalist unions in the Nordics do not have. We also issue IFJ’s international press card and we have members who are insured via IFJ. If we would leave now, it would have an immediate effect for the members, Hyllert is explaining the Swedish union’s investigating consequences of also leaving.

IFJ was founded 1926 and reports it has 600 000 members in more than 140 countries. Its website says IFJ “Promotes international action to defend press freedom and social justice through strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists.”

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