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Snapchar tipping creators

Snap trying to attract creators

Snap, owner of Snapchat, joined the line of social media companies trying to attract creators by introducing new ways of tipping them. Snap also announced it is buying British augmented reality tech company WaveOptics for over USD 500 million.

At its developer conference, the company announced it will introduce a way to send gifts to creators that sound similar to what for instance Clubhouse, Twitter and Facebook recently announced.

“When a subscriber sees a Snap they like from their favorite Snap Stars, they can use Snap Tokens to send a Gift and kick start a conversation. Snap Stars earn a share of the revenue from Gifts received through Story Replies. Snap Stars have control over the types of messages they receive with custom filtering, so conversations stay respectful and fun. Gifting through Stories will roll out to Snap Stars later this year on Android and iOS”, the company said.

It is also introducing a camera feature called Screenshop. Users can take a photo of an outfit they see, and then receive clothes recommendations from brands to copy recreate look.

The company will also launch a new version of the Spectacles glasses but they will not be sold to the public. They are aimed at artists and developers who want to build augmented reality experiences on Snapchat.

Snap said the company has paid a total of USD 1 million per day to users who post short-form videos on its service called Spotlight that was introduced in November last year. However, the company will from now no longer commit to paying such amounts per day, and instead will pay “millions per month.”

Spotlight video creators have earned more than $130 million since November, Snap said.

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