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Spotify supports indie artists

Spotify pledges to further support indie artists

For independent artists, sometimes all it takes is having a song in the right place at the right time for new fans to discover their music. Spotify claims to be working in this direction, and now pledges to further support indie artists.

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist started in 2016, aiming to serve as this type of launch pad for up-and-coming artists who are beginning their careers.

Now, the streaming service says it is taking its efforts to support independent musicians one step further. The company has officially launched the Fresh Finds Program, a “mentorship,” education, and networking opportunity for artists cherry-picked from its own Fresh Finds playlists.

“Over the span of six to eight weeks, artists in the program have access to one-on-one mentorship with members of Spotify and a personalized Masterclass to learn how to best use Spotify for Artists tools (like Canvas and Marquee),” Spotify said in an announcement, noting that the program will also include meetings with songwriting and PR teams, and culminate with the release of an original Spotify Singles track. 

Four artists were announced for the first wave of Fresh Find Program awardees – Wallice, Julia Wolf, Ekkstacy, and Unusual Demont.

The Fresh Finds playlist has added more than 25,000 emerging artists since its launch five years ago. According to Spotify, in 2021, about half of the artists added to the playlist had previously fewer than 21,000 monthly listeners, but the average artist sees their listens increase by 108% in the month after being playlist.

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