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These were the most engaging news stories 2022

Readership about the war in Ukraine has slowed since its peak during the initial invasion in February, web traffic measurement firm Chartbeat notes in a survey of news media in 2022. What will be the most engaging topics in 2023 is for the future to show but, with no peace in sight yet, it looks the war will continue to be one of them

For the past 2022, the Russian attack on Ukraine and the British royal family were among the most engaging topics in news media, according to Chartbeat statistics. Articles on the war accounted for over a quarter of total engaged time.

The slowing readership about the war in Ukraine can be explained by news fatigue. Reuter Institute’s annual Digital News Report has shown that worrying news reports about the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have led to an increasing number of people avoiding the news.

“The need for reliable information, careful context, and considered debate has rarely been greater, but so too has the desire for stories that inspire and give hope of a better tomorrow”, the Reuter Institute report says.

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“The Ukraine crisis, and before it the COVID-19 pandemic, have reminded people of the value of accurate and fair reporting that gets as close to the truth as possible, but we also find evidence that the overwhelming and depressing nature of the news, feelings of powerlessness, and toxic online debates are turning many people away – temporarily or permanently”, Reuters Institute says.

Chartbeat says that “from Highland Park to Uvalde to Colorado Springs to Shinzo Abe’s assassination on the other side of the world, gun violence again features prominently on our year-end list. It’s a reminder of the tough topics journalists confront in order to provide their readers with the news, both good and bad”.

“Led by Queen Elizabeth’s death, King Charles’s ascension, and the scrutiny of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the royal family had no shortage of coverage in 2022. Two stories surrounding the queen’s death made it into the top ten individual news stories”.

The most engaging story of the year, however, doesn’t fit into any of those categories. That was a story about that US Penn State football serial sexual predator. The second most engaging story is the BBC’s obituary for Queen Elizabeth.

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Selected from more than 28 million pieces of content this is the company’s ten most engaging stories of 2022. Chartbeat notes that CNN has produced several of them:

ESPN | Penn State football serial sexual predator. The untold story of his crimes and the fight to bring him to justice.

BBC | Queen Elizabeth II has died

Politico | ‘Yes, He Would’: Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes

CNN | What does Putin want in Ukraine? The conflict explained

Chicago Sun-Times | Horror on the Fourth: Suspect in custody after 6 killed, dozens wounded at Highland Park Fourth of July parade

Politico | US Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows

CNN | This traffic stop between a Black man and a White state trooper began with fear. It ended with a surprising act of kindness

BBC | Your complete guide to the Queen’s funeral

CNN | Uber driver who got a hotel room for teen passenger after being stuck on I-95 gets offered a new job

CNN | Alabama corrections officer who escaped with inmate has died in hospital, sheriff says


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