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Highest number of reporters in jail

Women journalists behind bars

92 women journalists are currently behind bars, some for decades, others awaiting potential death sentences. 57 women journalists have been either detained, arrested, or imprisoned since the start of this year, a report from non-profit organisation Women in Journalism shows. “Our data provides a snapshot of the ongoing challenges faced by women in the media who are targeted for their journalistic endeavours.”

The organisation says the data starkly reflects not just the abuses these women face but also the broader pattern of gender-specific targeting which includes threats, harassment, and discriminatory treatment before and during imprisonment.

“This pattern not only silences journalists but also sends a chilling message and dissuades other women from entering the profession.”

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“Journalists face both legal and extrajudicial detentions, often under dubious charges. Arbitrary detentions are rampant, with journalists detained without proper legal procedures.”

Women in Journalism reports that many journalists are detained under broad and suppressive laws, often accused of terrorism or endangering security without substantial evidence, as seen in the cases from Russia and Burundi.

“This tactic stifles critical journalism and dissent. Women in journalism not only serve as crucial voices but also bring unique perspectives that enrich the news landscape.”

“Their stories, often overlooked or unreported by mainstream media channels, are a testament to their value and the diversity they bring to the table. Their representation in media and safety in journalism is critical to the integrity and diversity of news.”

“However, the data showing the number of women currently detained, facing harsh conditions, or targeted for their work, is alarming.”

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