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Up going trend for GenAI.

80% of companies forecasted to use GenAI by 2026

The boom in artificial intelligence means that  by 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will have used generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) one way or the other, up from less than 5% in 2023,  according to a new forecast by market research firm Gartner.  

Gartner forecasts that GenAI will be used in application programming interfaces (APIs) or models, and/or deployed GenAI-enabled applications in production environments.

“Generative AI has become a top priority for the C-suite and has sparked tremendous innovation in new tools beyond foundation models,” says Arun Chandrasekaran, VP at Gartner. 

“Demand is increasing for generative AI in many industries, such as healthcare, life sciences, legal, financial services and the public sector.”

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.“Organizations that do not consistently manage AI risks are exponentially inclined to experience adverse outcomes, such as project failures and breaches. Inaccurate, unethical or unintended AI outcomes, process errors and interference from malicious actors can result in security failures, financial and reputational loss or liability, and social harm” said Chandrasekaran.”

AI TRiSM (trust, risk and security management) is an important framework for delivering responsible AI and is expected to reach mainstream adoption within two to five years. By 2026, organizations that operationalize AI transparency, trust and security will see their AI models achieve a 50% improvement in terms of adoption, business goals and user acceptance, the Gartner forecast says.

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GenAI-Enabled Applications use GenAI for user experience (UX) and task augmentation to accelerate and assist user.

“Foundation Models are an important step forward for AI due to their massive pretraining and wide use-case applicability,” said Chandrasekaran. “Foundation models will advance digital transformation within the enterprise by improving workforce productivity, automating and enhancing customer experience and enabling cost-effective creation of new products and services.”

AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM) are to ensure AI model governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, efficacy and data protection. 

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