Facebook whistleblower to give evidence to UK Parliament

Facebook whistleblower to give evidence to UK Parliament

Facebook’s Oversight Board has announced that they are going to meet with the whistleblower, former Facebook employee, Frances Haugen. She will also give evidence to the UK Parliament later this month.

Ms Haugen will appear before the UK Parliament’s Online Safety Bill committee on 25 October. The committee is discussing legislation that would force social-media companies to protect users, especially children

In an announcement on the Oversight Board’s official page, the Board explained that in the light of the serious claims, they have invited Haugen to speak to the Board and that she has accepted.

“Board members appreciate the chance to discuss Ms. Haugen’s experiences and gather information that can help push for greater transparency and accountability from Facebook through our case decisions and recommendations”, the statement said.

Haugen is a former employee at Facebook that left the company earlier this year and has been the source for a series of articles by Wall Street Journal, accusing the company of not addressing the problem of misinformation due to revenue. She has also after that testified in front of the US Senate.

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The Board acknowledges that transparency about the content moderation rules is essential, and that they will continue to ask Facebook difficult questions and push the company to commit to greater transparency, accountability and fairness.

As already shared in September, the Board is currently looking into whether Facebook has been fully forthcoming in its responses on its ‘cross-check’ system and will share their analysis in the first release of quarterly transparency reports later this month. Facebook has also said it will ask the Board to review how cross-check can be improved and to offer recommendations.

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