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Google IO announcements

Google I/O announcements at a glance

Google’s I/O, the annual developer conference that was cancelled last year due to COVID, was just held online. Below you can find a summary of the top announcements. 

Android 12 beta

Android 12 beta released and the new features include: Personalization, fluid motion and animations, redesigned system spaces, new privacy dashboard


Faster fix for compromised passwords in Chrome

Going forward, Chrome will help you change your passwords with a single tap. On supported sites, whenever you check your passwords and Chrome finds a password that may have been compromised, you will see a “Change password” button from Assistant. When you tap the button, Chrome will not only navigate to the site, but also go through the entire process of changing your password.


Detailed street maps thanks to AI and high def imagery

Google is introducing safer routing in Maps, an AI-powered capability in Maps can identify road, weather and traffic conditions


Natural Language Understanding

Latest research in natural language understanding is a language model for dialogue applications: LaMDA. It’s open domain, which means it is designed to converse on any topic. LaMDA is a huge step forward in natural conversation, but it’s still only trained on text. When people communicate with each other they do it across images, text, audio and video, so by building a multimodal models (MUM), Google will allow people to naturally ask questions across different types of information. With MUM Google says that people could one day plan a road trip by asking Google to “find a route with beautiful mountain views.”


Future of work

A new smart canvas experience in Google Workspace that enables richer collaboration.

Cinematic moments a new effect that uses machine learning to bring images to life

Cinematic photos, launched last December, uses machine learning to create vivid, 3D versions of photos, has now an additional computational photography technology that brings the photοs to life.


The Lens translate filter

People come to Google to learn new things, and visuals can make all the difference. Google Lens lets you search what you see — from your camera, your photos or even your search bar. Today we’re seeing more than 3 billion searches with Lens every month, and an increasingly popular use case is learning. For example, many students might have schoolwork in a language they aren’t very familiar with. That’s why we’re updating the Translate filter in Lens so it’s easy to copy, listen to or search translated text, helping students access education content from the web in over 100 languages.

Google Lens


CE- marked AI powered dermatology tool will help people research common skin conditions

Using many of the same techniques that detect diabetic eye disease or lung cancer in CT scans, this tool gets people closer to identifying dermatologic issues using the phone’s camera.


3D Video conferencing: Project Starline

Project Starline captures a person’s shape and appearance from multiple perspectives, and then fuses them together to create an extremely detailed, real-time 3D model, using high-resolution cameras and custom-built depth sensors: the end result is the realistic representation of someone sitting in front of you.


And if you are more interested, you can check out this summary from the horse’s mouth:


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