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Google stop search

Google threatens to stop search

Can Google stop search? The company has threatened to remove its search engine from Australia protesting against a proposed law that would force IT giants to pay for using publishers´ content. The proposed law says a panel would decide on the price if the parties cannot agree on it. Facebook has earlier said it could stop Australians from sharing news via the social media service if the proposed law is passed.

Google´s statement comes just a few days after the company reached an agreement with French publishers to pay for using their content on the internet saying the payment would be based on amount of content provided and traffic. However, the parties in France did not say how much money the agreement could mean for French publishers.

”The current version of this law remains unworkable for Google, but we believe that the concerns we and others have raised can be addressed with reasonable changes”, Google said in a statement.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said lawmakers would not yield to “threats”.

Google said the proposed legislation “undermines one of the key principles of the open internet people use every day—something neither a search engine nor anyone who enjoys the benefits of the free and open web should accept.”

The Code’s one-sided arbitration model, which only takes into consideration publishers’ costs and attempts to discount the benefit publishers receive from Google, together with baseball arbitration — incentivises publishers to make enormous and unreasonable demands. It’s a model that discourages good faith negotiations and encourages the use of arbitration which is intended as a last resort. This system exposes Google to unreasonable and unmanageable financial and operational risk”, the Google statement said.

“If this version of the code were to become law, it would give us no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia,” Google Managing Director for Australia, Mel Silva, told a Senate hearing


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