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Google wants US to join EU in tech and trade council

Google wants Biden’s help against EU regulation

Google says the new US government should join a technology and trade council with the European Union. This comes at the same time as EU is discussing how to control the big tech platforms for instance via the proposed Digital Markets Act. The Google initiative could be seen as the company considering the new US Biden administration can create an atmosphere for more cooperation and at the same time fending off for US tech companies’ negative actions.

Google’s vice president for government affairs and policy, Karan Bhatia, writes in a company blog post that “erosion of trade norms isn’t limited to the US-China relationship. Even more concerningly, the technology trade relationship between the US and Europe – once one of the closest in the world – is fraying.”

”In Washington, in recent years, “transatlantic tech policy” has been largely reduced to pressing Europe to follow US supply chain initiatives. Meanwhile Europe has undertaken a broad series of unilateral initiatives in areas ranging from digital taxes to market regulation. Transatlantic coordination has largely become an afterthought, if it’s thought of at all.”


”These policy trends hurt both the US and European economies, risking the 16 million jobs on both sides of the Atlantic linked to transatlantic trade and investment. They also make it harder for the US and the EU to address new global technology challenges and partner with emerging economies in Asia.”

Bahtia says the US should accept an EU’s invitation to join an EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC).


He argues that the US should not enact new privacy or technology trade control regulations without consulting with the EU.

“The EU should pursue bilateral consultation to ensure technology initiatives like the Digital Markets Act reflect the EU-US. values-based alliance. Quickly forming a TTC can help drive a consistent and non-discriminatory approach on these challenging new areas of technology regulation.”

”The need for alignment has never been greater or more urgent”, Bahtia writes

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