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Using AI for health care

Majority without trust in AI for health care

A skeptical attitude towards artificial intelligence is shown in a new study of future health care. 60% say they would feel uncomfortable if their health care provider relied on artificial intelligence to diagnose disease and recommend treatments. A majority  is unconvinced that the use of AI in health and medicine would improve health outcomes, a US survey by the Pew Research Center shows. 

Three-quarters are concerned that health care providers will move too fast implementing AI in health and medicine before fully understanding the risks for patients. 23% say they are more concerned that providers will move too slowly, missing opportunities to improve patients’ health.

Among men, 46% say they would be comfortable with the use of AI in their own health care to do things like diagnose disease and recommend treatments, while 54% say they would be uncomfortable with this. 66% of women say they would be uncomfortable with their provider relying on AI in their own care.

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Only 38% say AI being used to do things like diagnose disease and recommend treatments would lead to better health outcomes for patients generally, while 33% say it would lead to worse outcomes and 27% say it wouldn’t make much difference.

On the positive side, a larger share think the use of AI in health and medicine would reduce rather than increase the number of mistakes made by health care providers (40% vs. 27%).

And among the majority who see a problem with racial and ethnic bias in health care, 51% say the problem of bias and unfair treatment would get better rather than worse (15%) if AI was used more. But 57% say the patient-provider relationship would get worse. Only 13% say it would be better.

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