More audio and a competitor to Clubhouse

More audio and a competitor to Clubhouse

The focus on various forms of audio serves continues. On its way to launch is Fireside described as a “next generation podcast platform” but that would also let users participate in live conversation which would make it a competitor to hyped social media talk-app Clubhouse. The plan is to launch Fireside later this year, unnamed sources told The Verge. Clubhouse stresses that it does not record conversations in its “rooms” but according to leaked information, Fireside will  offer the ability to natively record conversations.

Founder of Fireside are Mark Cuban, earlier part-owner of internet radio and Falon Fatemi who has founded an AI customer relations service – Node. On Fireside, creators will be able to broadcast, record and also monetize conversations by using analytics tools.

The app, according to a now-expired engineer job posting, has raised a “multi-million dollar” seed round to get started. A source close to the company says creators will be offered various deals and ways to monetize, and the app won’t let just anyone speak publicly. It’ll be a highly curated experience, The Verge reported.

In an email to potential investors Fatemi said: “Today we say goodbye to current media platform limitations created by one-way conversations, a lack of interactivity, and non-existent analytics. We level the playing field by empowering creators based on what they have to say (not how loud they yell) and we give their ideas the reach to turn a single conversation into the seed of the next media empire.”

Fireside chats was a radio concept used by President Franklin D Roosevelt who, seated by the fire, in a relaxed tone talked to the American people about depression, recession, World War II and other less entertaining subjects.

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